VoiceThread, the tool, is a direct reflection of the amazing people who work for VoiceThread, the company. If you are smart, persnickety about your work, a great communicator and collaborator, and an all around great person, then perhaps you can find a home here.

We are always seeking resumes in the following areas:

We’re definitely interested in hearing from anyone who might make a fabulous addition to our team. If you like what we’re doing here at VoiceThread and think you have something great to contribute, and especially if you have expertise in the areas listed above, please send a cover letter and resume to jobs at voicethread.com.

Work should be more than work

We think we understand what motivates people who build great products, and we see ourselves as one of them. We greatly value our power to make decisions that impact other people’s lives, to work alongside masters and attain mastery. We want to make something important. If you feel that work should be more than work, you’ll find a nice home at VoiceThread.

The experimental stage is behind us

Our platform enables people to communicate better, to learn better, and to listen better. It’s not a marketing slogan. There’s a great deal of research that’s already been published demonstrating the effectiveness of VoiceThreading in teaching and learning, but we think that education is the tip of the iceberg. Asynchronous online communication is almost universally text only, and we are quite sure that’s going to change. Somebody just needs to make the experience usable enough, and we’re well positioned to make that happen.

Cutting-edge apps on a time-tested foundation

Our backend is a classic LAMP stack that provides a well-tested RESTful API to a variety of frontend applications written primarily in JavaScript and TypeScript. We try to strike a balance between experimenting with new and exciting technologies and achieving the stability, predictability, and extensive knowledge base of well-tested tools. We like to automate everything we can: configuration, testing, QA, builds, and deployments, and we aim for a system that’s solid enough that nobody has to worry about being on-call outside of working hours.

We offer great benefits